Arthouse Cinema Niagara / Ravintola 931

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The program:

20.45 Films

(Synopses, content warnings, etc. below!)

Tickets: 2 euros all together, no separate tickets – sold only at the door

20.45 Mirco (2013, dir. Silvia Chiogna, pr. HFF “Konrad Wolf”, 70min)

21.55 Cool For You- she whose blood is clotting in my underwear (2016, dir. Vika Kirchenbauer, 5min)

22.00 Lucid Noon, Sunset Blush (2015, dir. Alli Logout, 32min)

This screening is rated 18+. Finland’s visual programme law requires us to either have the films reviewed by the National Audiovisual Institute for a rating that represents the films’ content and the possible harm it poses for children, or to host the screening private – which would require us to buy out the theatre. We do not have the resources to do either, and therefore the screening is officially rated 18+.

We do not feel the rating reflects the content of these films. We’ve provided full content info so you can decide for yourself.


~22.45 DANCEOKE!  (18+), free entrance

More information about danceoke in the Facebook-event!

Järjestäjä * organizer: Kapinatanssikollektiivi


 Mirco (2013)


“Three genderqueer persons and the director Silvia Chiogna illustrate, why it is important to fight for a diverse world.”

Director: Silvia Chiogna

Distributor: University of Film and Television “Konrad Wolf” (HFF), Marlene-Dietrich-Allee 11, D-14482 Potsdam-Babelsberg,

Languages: German, English subtitles

Synopsis: Océan, L. Cavaliero, and Theresa live in between genders and actively challenge the cis-tem. They identify themselves neither as men, nor as women. The film follows their struggles in everyday life, in a society which seems to force us to identify as either female or male. The film also takes us on a journey with the director, who discovers something new about herself.

Content warnings: gender normativity, confronting transphobia



Cool For You – she whose blood is clotting in my underwear (2016)


Director: Vika Kirchenbauer

Languages: None.

artist Vika Kirchenbauer for her music/performance project COOL FOR YOU. Following her research on enhanced vision via infrared technology in modern warfare, here she utilises these technological means to discuss intimacy, the body, physical relations between bodies as well as the privileged gaze of the spectator.

The idea of transparency has found ways to diffuse into nearly all realms of life.
Knowledge about the other is the currency that economies of love and war operate on. Given that an image/reality split has already become our every day’s natural task, she is interested in working with technologies that register more than what the human eye can capture as a form of enhanced voyeurism.

Content warnings: Sex, consensual violence (choking), (bodily) fluids, flashing images. Sensory note! Harsh visuals and audio with high repetitive sounds.


Lucid Noon, Sunset Blush (2015)


“Lucid Noon, Sunset Blush takes you on a hyper-real queer fantasy like you’ve never seen before.”

Director: Alli Logout

Languages: English (possibly English subtitles)

Synopsis: 17-year-old bb gay Micha has just moved into The Palace – a basement full of queer femme sex workers, lovers and misfits. They are beautiful, carefree and as young as the night.

Content warnings: Nudity, sexual themes, explicit sex, slurs (f*ggot, d*ke, b*tch), drug mention, alcohol, smoking, brief flashing images.